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Amazon Intel from Fung & Prosper

Columbus, Ohio and New York — November 17, 2016

Prosper Insights & Analytics™, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions, and international think tank Fung Global Retail & Technology  announced today that they have expanded their strategic alliance to include a co-branded Amazon Shopper Intelligence service. This unique service not only provides essential insights missing from most retailers’ loyalty data, including encroachment by Amazon along with the reasons why, but also special analysis by Fung Global Retail & Technology to help retailers and investors understand the Amazon threat. Continue reading

New Consumer Intelligence Service Helps Retailers Identify And Respond To Amazon Threat

Worthington, OH – 4/14/16

Prosper Insights & Analytics™ has launched the Amazon Shopper Intelligence service which is part of Prosper’s competitive intelligence suite of products. This unique service provides essential insights missing from most retailers’ loyalty data, including encroachment by Amazon along with the reasons why.  It also helps companies understand the merchandise categories in play and the discretionary dollars at risk. It is now more important than ever for retailers to understand the Amazon threat as the online giant works to further diversify their products and services. Continue reading

Impress Your Boss: 5 Unique Insights That Will Do The Trick

The latest from Prosper Now’s Blog on Forbes.com

It’s a highly competitive retail marketplace. Corporations are always looking for a competitive edge. With that in mind, here are five unique business insights with one goal—to arm business professionals with valuable pieces of consumer intelligence to take to their executive team. These insights will provide a different perspective, aid in decision making, and impress them, all at the same time. Remember these and you’ll have something to talk about if you run into your boss at the water cooler.

1. What to say when your boss asks about the spending outlook for retail… continue reading…

Is Mass Hysteria Driving The Big Data Market?

In psychology it is called mass hysteria, a condition affecting a group of persons characterized by excitement or anxiety, irrational behavior or beliefs, and may also include inexplicable symptoms of illness. One could make the case that this defines the big data world today. Virtually unheard of before the Great Recession began in 2008, big data mania has spread throughout the business universe like a post-recession wildfire. Continue reading…

Prosper’s New Health InsightCenter™ Provides A Spotlight For Marketers In A Turbulent Healthcare Market

February 05, 2014
In coping with the upheaval in the healthcare market, many providers from insurance companies to hospitals will turn to advertising as a way of promoting their services to confused consumers. Millions of dollars could be wasted unless marketers are able to wisely allocate their ad budget. To meet this need, Prosper Insights & Analytics has unveiled the Prosper Health InsightCenter™, a unique cloud-based platform that simplifies integration of healthcare data sets from various sources.  Continue reading

Insights You Can Use

Big data can be a big challenge. Zeroing in on the right information is crucial, especially in an uncertain economic environment. Below are a few examples of how different industry thought leaders are using Prosper Insights & Analytics’ smart data to help marketers navigate rough waters.  Continue reading

ProsperChina™ Consumer Snapshot Q3 2013

The Q3 2013 Chinese Consumer Snapshot video is a brief look at young Chinese consumers’ economic sentiment compared to their U.S. counterparts. It also draws comparisons between the two groups regarding topics such as practicality, purchase intentions, online research and dining out.

Please click on the video below to watch the Chinese Consumer Snapshot.
(Click here for Chinese / 点击这里为中国。)


In Chaotic and Complex Big Data World, Prosper Insights & Analytics™ Unveils Next Generation Business Intelligence Services Focused on Smart Data

Worthington, OH – 5/22/2013

Going Beyond Automated Web Optimization to Help Humans Make Core Business Decisions

Big data expertise is scarce, platforms are expensive, and there is great uncertainty about what types of business opportunities can be created using big data. As businesses are quickly moving to data-oriented decision-making rather than relying on intuition, the need for connecting the data that companies access to the decisions they make in an efficient, cost-effective way is imperative. Prosper Insights & Analytics has unveiled the next generation of business intelligence services based on data integration analytics from over hundreds of thousands of data series to provide continuously updated solutions focused on core business processes and centered around Smart Data. Continue reading