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New Research Uncovers Voters Who May Not Be Participating In Polls — And May Determine Election

From Forbes on August 22, 2016:

Newly released research by Drs. Martin Block and Don Schultz of the Medill School of Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University has uncovered a significant group of potential voters who represent 30% of the population and may have not been analyzed before. As a result, this group may play a significant role in determining the upcoming presidential election. Continue reading…

New Database Goes Beyond Voter History, Taps Into Emotions Driving 2016 Campaign

Worthington, OH – 3/18/16 — Voters are said to be angry this year and Political Mindset data from Prosper Insights & Analytics™ confirms that many are unhappy with government and seek a non-politician as a solution. This unhappiness is also translating into increased excitement for the current campaign season. Excited voters have largely driven an election season full of emotions that have overflowed into a situation that has never been seen before. Continue reading

Independent Voters Trump Partisan Voters in Their Thinking

Independent Voters Trump Partisan Voters in Their Thinking

Worthington, OH – 2/16/16

The 2016 election has so far been an election unlike any other experienced in recent times. Emotions are at the forefront and understanding independent voters, especially the large segment who are in favor of a non-politician as the nominee, could be key for success in 2016.  Continue reading