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Prosper® Smart Data Apps Uncover Insights Previously Unknown to Executives

Auto Sales Outlook, Retail Spending Outlook and Lost Opportunity Smart Data Apps Now Available through Prosper’s InsightCenter™ Technology

Worthington, OH – 9/18/2013
Prosper Insights & Analytics has released its latest Smart Data Apps, including the Prosper Auto Outlook, the Retail Composite Spending Score and Outlook and the Lost Opportunity analytic, to help marketers better analyze their competitive environment and make better business decisions. These apps are available via Prosper’s InsightCenter technology, which integrates data from multiple sources and applies unique algorithms within the system. Prosper’s platform allows clients to predict markets, understand consumer segments and develop core business strategies. Continue reading

Happy People Buy Cars, According to New Discovery by Prosper Insights & Analytics

Strong Correlation Exists between Happiness & Light Vehicle Sales

WORTHINGTON, OH – 3/20/13 – U.S. auto sales rose 3.7% in February likely due to consumers who have deferred purchasing and new models. However, the health of the auto industry remains shaky and automakers appear to be riding the coattails of the housing industry; hedging their bets on increased demand for construction vehicles to help boost sales this spring. But analysts and automakers alike may be missing a key indicator in Consumer Happiness. Prosper Insights & Analytics™ has discovered a strong correlation between the overall Happiness of Americans and Light Vehicle Sales. These findings are similar to previously released correlations identified between Happiness and Housing. Continue reading

Happy People Buy Houses (Audio)

Listen in as Michael Perkins, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Prosper Technologies, talks about recent discoveries regarding Happiness & Key Economic Indicators: http://goprosper.com/audio/mperkins-022013.mp3

Happy People Buy Houses, According to New Discovery by Prosper Insights & Analytics™

Strong Correlation Exists between Happiness & Key Economic Indicators

WORTHINGTON, OH – 2/18/13 – In the midst of an ongoing global discussion among proponents of “behavioral economics,” Prosper Insights & Analytics provides support that happiness is a leading indicator of key economic markers such as government housing starts, industrial production, real income, employment and real retail sales. The discovery is based on an ongoing in-depth review of three years of happiness data and longitudinal time-series data from multiple government sources. The first in a sequence of releases regarding the relationship between happiness and the economy focuses on housing. Continue reading