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Millennials Have Higher Job Satisfaction Than Boomers, But Boomers Lead Happier Lives

Millennials’ Satisfaction with Their Jobs Doesn’t Increase Overall Happiness

Worthington, OH – July 30, 2013
Two in five (38.6%) Americans are satisfied with their current job situation according to a Prosper Insights & Analytics™ analysis of the latest American Pulse™ data. With a Job Satisfaction Score of 102.6, Millennials have a markedly higher rating than Boomers (92.6). The scores are an index to Adults 18+ of an aggregate job satisfaction score, which includes four key areas: benefits, work/life balance, compensation, and position/job within a company.

Millennials seem to be more satisfied on Continue reading

Silent Generation Has Highest Health Satisfaction Score; Gen X Least Satisfied

Millennials’ Satisfaction with Their Health Doesn’t Seem to Impact Overall Happiness

Worthington, OH – 6/19/2013

Three in five (59.9%) Americans are satisfied with their overall health according to a Prosper Insights & Analytics analysis of the latest American Pulse™ data. Members of the Silent Generation have the highest Health Satisfaction Score in America followed by Continue reading

Americans Show Resilience, Stand Together in Times of Terror

People Won’t Avoid Crowded Public Places Because of Recent Events

Worthington, OH May 8, 2013

Shortly after 9/11 many polls were conducted to gauge American sentiment. Fast forward to 2013 and similar surveys were collected in the aftermath of the Boston bombings. The analytics unit at Prosper Insights & Analytics™ examined data from several sources and identified an emerging trend—Americans are resilient and won’t let terrorism keep them from their life.

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